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What Can I Do About Period Clots?

Period clots, the big jelly like pieces of endometrial lining that look like liver can be very disturbing.  Add on period pain, cramps that make you wonder what you did in a past life to deserve this and heavy flooding, it can just feel like the proverbial kicking when you’re …

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Covid-19, Vaccines & Periods

At the moment, I am seeing a lot of discussion about people saying their periods are being affected by either the virus or the vaccine, and even claims that other people in family or friendship groups becoming ill or vaccinated affecting periods of people who haven’t had any contact with …

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Yoga During Your Period

Have you ever wondered, can you do yoga on your period, or should you change your practice? Maybe you do continue with your practice when on your period, but find that you are all over the place or have more emotional releases. There are a number of things you can …

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Self Love & Intimacy Practices for Valentine's Day

Self Love & Intimacy Practices for Valentine’s Day

Libido is a funny thing, it is so personal, and can change throughout our lives.  What doesn’t help is that it is a taboo subject, despite being an intimate part of our lives and personality, just like periods. I get it, no one wants to discuss their libido at work, …

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Yoga Nature Periods

Yoga For Periods

Can Yoga Really Help You Periods? Before I dive into this blog post, I just want to acknowledge that yoga is a spiritual practice that has many limbs (the number differs between paths) and they encompass the practice of asana (the physical postures or poses) and pranayama (breathwork) as well …

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Should You Be Seeing Your Doctor Or Your Holistic Health Practitioner For Your Period Problems?

TRIGGER WARNING: this article talks about assault and abuse, sometimes in sexual contexts. Doctors vs Holistic Practitioners? Natural Enemies Or Can You Integrate The Two? One thing that causes a lot of tension in the health and wellness industry is the distrust and dismissal of doctors and standard western medical …

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Understand and solve your period problems

What Is Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy?

Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy is a combination therapy consisting of a massage of the abdomen and pelvic areas, and full back, focussing on the sacrum, spine and bottom areas.  It also has some other beautiful mind body elements, such as meditation and visualisations, to help you bond with and …

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Reflexology for period problems and fertility

What Can Reflexology Do For Periods & Fertility?

Reflexology is one of my favourite modalities and I know that it can seem like once someone has had a great reflexology session, it is all they can talk about, like a new crush. Reflexology, when done well is a great therapy, can have immediate effects and sense of wellbeing, …

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