Rachel Dutton

Hello there, I’m Rachel.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I made the connection that my period was a reflection of my overall state of health and started embracing my previous holistic knowledge from massage, my knowledge of emergency first aid and new found knowledge of nutrition.

After struggling for years with period problems (period agony, acne and bleeding all the bloody time), I discovered Fertility & Womb Massage and it felt like I had finally found my calling. I booked on the first course of this new modality and then discovered symptom-thermal charting and post graduate specialty courses. An apprenticeship helped me get rid of all my symptoms and improve my allergies and asthma for good.

I have since added more modalities onto my practice and have been working with people with period problems and fertility issues since 2014 and it has been life changing for both myself and my clients.

You don’t have to sit on period problems any longer, you can take back the power.

If you want to know more about my period origin story, you can check it out here.

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Specialty Training & Qualifications

Rachel is a women’s health and fertility expert who got nicknamed the Period Whisperer after her area of expertise by friends in the field.  She helps people with period problems to understand what the symptoms their body showing in their menstrual cycle, and what they can do to improve problematic symptoms and change their lives and relationships with their bodies.

She has online programmes that you can take and a clinic in Surrey, in the UK. She also offers Zoom sessions online for people to work with her one to one.

Do You Want To:

Period Pain
  • Feel free, at home in and fully integrated with all your body?
  • Learn to read your body, and fit the puzzle pieces together to know what works for you, helps you to feel like a winner each month when your period comes and have access to your own body’s user manual?
  • Celebrate each bleed as a result of your learning implementing your own toolkit?
  • Gremlin-proof your moods just before your period so you don’t have to worry about outbursts, stress or being fed after midnight?
  • Take control of your life and get excited about having the resources to overcome period issues both long term and if something crops up?
  • Feel secure that your health is in a place where you don’t have to cancel work or use up sick leave due to your period?
  • Get clear about thyroid issues, results and why testing is so difficult to understand and get right?
  • Have the knowledge, information and techniques to speak with your doctor, so you feel your conversations are empowering, or you can identify when this isn’t the right provider for you?
  • Have your head full of exciting ideas on how you want to thrive and live your life and not worrying about period problems cropping up?
  • Understand the fertility journey, testing and which roads to take and when?
  • Feel empowered and supported when going through IVF or other Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) techniques?
  • Know and fully appreciate that having a different body that doesn’t behave like others is a blessing?
  • Have liberation from carrying painkillers and ensuring access to toilets and heat packs wherever you go?
  • Able to have a wider choice and make decisions about birth control and not having to cycle through different ones that don’t exacerbate your symptoms?
  • Feel free to choose whether you want to undergo standard western allopathic medicine treatment, complementary therapies or a mix of what feels right for you?
  • Know that you will be listened to in a non judgemental way and acknowledge your journey without being dismissed, diminished, or told it is your fault?
  • Gain clarity on what you want and you need for your health, wellbeing and periods and feel enabled to make your own decisions, and not feel pushed, or pressured into things that you don’t want.
Period Pain

Here’s What You Need To Know

You are not alone, I believe you are having very real problems and you are fed up with dealing with them.  Just because period problems such as pain and PMS are common, they are not normal.  There are thousands of women who are going through similar symptoms and feel alone.  Making jokes about our issues helps to normalise signs that our bodies are giving us to fix.

Your symptoms may feel like your body is revolting against you and holding you hostage in a process that you don’t understand.  However, these symptoms are your body communicating to you that something is wrong and, once you can interpret them, you are empowered to take steps to deal with each one.

I like to think of the menstrual cycle as a user manual. A symptom happens which is like a warning light, and you can look it up in your manual, learn the ways to fix it, and it’s up to you if you want to try them and start your own little experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

After a bit of experience, you know what things work for you and your body and you can choose to do them, or not and take back control over your symptoms.

Working with your body, rather than fighting against it has been life changing for me and so many other women I have worked with, and has literally changed my life.

Menstrual Chart

How I Will Help You With Your Period Problems

I believe in an integrative (combining therapies), root cause and educational approach to help you choose what works for you by giving you education and it is ok to mix and match what works for you, from both Western Medicine and holistic modalities.

If you have any potential flags but no formal diagnosis, I will recommend seeing your doctor to get a formal diagnosis if appropriate. However, I have a number of questionnaires that I go through with my clients which help to pinpoint potential underlying root causes of your issues, explain what causes those root causes and the suggested remedies and how they are though to work.

Women collaborating

Remedies I can suggest and help you directly with are; nutrition, womb massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, cycle charting and menstrual cycle awareness, sleep hygiene, yoga, meditation and breath work (a great alternative to meditation). I also refer people to acupuncturists, Women’s Health Physiotherapists/Pelvic Health Physical Therapists and herbalists.

Home Meditation Periods

The choice of what you want to try, along with control over your budget and time is up to you. I will happily work as part of a larger medical team if that is what you want, and I will also offer sympathy and an ear if you feel you are being ignored or let down by the conventional model.

I strongly believe that you should be educated and informed of what is going on with your body, and you get to choose what you want your period team to look like and take charge of your own health.

I did some research on why there seems to be such a divide between many doctors and holistic practitioners and if you want to know more, here are my thoughts.

I also offer online programmes if you prefer that route.

My Period Origin Story & How It Led Me To Helping Others With Period Problems

I have had a horrendous health history from the get go.  My parents suspected diabetes when I was a small child, I also had significant hearing loss before learning to speak and many allergies.  By the age of 7, I was in basic bras, suffered bad acne, and had armpit and leg hair.  Periods came a few years later and I was initially excited about having them and that excitement was short lived.

I had extreme pain, irregular periods and very very heavy periods.  I would wear a night pad and two tampons for a 1 hour 10 minute class at school and then after class have to change and run to get someone to clear the blood patch left behind on my chair.  It was absolutely mortifying.

sad about periods

I could bleed like this for 6 weeks at a time and when it would finally stop, I would be relieved, only for the reprieve to last only a week before bleeding more and more. I also struggled with weight around my middle and being tired and stressed, (as well as being exhausted from being deaf and having bad dyslexia at school) and eventually I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

I was put on the pill and every few years, after numerous weird symptoms, I would get shifted on to a new pill. Then, in my 20s, I was told to try the IUD, which did not work for me (extreme agony and bleeding) and the implant (extreme weight gain and mood swings) and my issues were still not solved.

I had a mixed career of being a musician and ski instructor/mountain rescue and topped up my income with Reiki and massage, which were all self employed and I needed to be in tip top healthy condition, not calling in sick because I couldn’t move!

Once in my mid 20s, things got bad, pneumonia, asthma, chest pain, hair loss, abdominal pain and an inability to keep any food down, paralysing migraines things got bad and I had many hospitalisations and surgery.  I had to move onto a “real job” to being able to support myself as being self employed didn’t pay the bills during these hospitalisations.

I hit an all time low, my mood was bad and I couldn’t see a way out.  I truly felt like my body was broken, and life was so unfair.  Eventually, a dear friend of mine who was studying nutrition gently said to me, “you know, I don’t know how to help the rest, but, nutrition could help you with your PCOS”. Initially, I got very defensive and what I heard was; “you are rubbish with your diet and it is your fault you have PCOS”.  However, she was very gentle in suggesting this to me every now and then (and dealing with my low moods and crying) and it eventually sunk in.

Of course, not doing things by halves, I dove into studying nutrition and found out there were a number of things I could try to help with my PCOS, and took all this information to a friendly doctor I had found at my surgery, who listened to me, read the data and agreed to supervise my doing what at the time was considered to be a quite extreme dietary change.

Within 6 months, my periods improved, my allergies improved, and I lost 5 stone (more than 50 pounds of weight).  My period improved too.

Pomegranate Periods Fertility

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I made the connection that my period was a reflection of my overall state of health and started embracing my previous holistic knowledge from massage, my knowledge of emergency first aid and new found knowledge of nutrition and went off to the Complementary and Alternative Health Show.

There I discovered Fertility & Womb Massage and it felt like I had found my place in life.  I booked on the first course of this new modality and then discovered symptom-thermal charting and post graduate specialty courses and an apprenticeship with helped me get rid of all my symptoms and improve my allergies and asthma for good.

Abdominal massage periods fertility

I have since added more modalities onto my practice and have been working with people with period problems and fertility issues since 2014 and it has been absolutely life changing for both me and my clients.

I can’t believe when I look back, how stressed my health and periods were making me. I was so stressed with feeling like everything was my fault somehow. I understand how it feels to deal with everyone else’s opinion so I now know how it feels to get a tonne of opinions from well meaning friends, some of which were some of which are very blaming (and even dangerous in hindsight), some of which are helpful, and all of which are very overwhelming.

I now want to help others, so no one else has to suffer period problems the way I did.

Want To Get To Know Me More?

I am fascinated about periods and will happily talk about them non stop. You can’t embarrass me.

I used to be a professional musician, playing the cello and trumpet.

I have also been a ski instructor.

My interests outside of periods include mythology, astronomy, cosmology, lace making and beading.

I love all things Marvel and Star Wars.  Wonder which would win between a light sabre and Captain America’s shield? I have had this discussion many times.

I sound very “English” and speak with a Received Pronunciation Accent, but I am Welsh.  My accent disappeared as I we lived in England and I couldn’t hear much as I was learning to speak so I was corrected with an English accent. Cymru am byth!

I have severe dyslexia and I am also neurodiverse.  I do my best with spelling and grammar but if you spot something on my website that got missed in editing, please let me know.

Get Started On Your Period or Fertility Journey With Me

You can either work with me directly online or in person in the clinic (e-mail me on rachel@periodwhisperer.com for details.  I feel it is important to give each person control over their journey, so there is an in depth intake form helping to understand what the root causes of your problems are.

From there, I can help formulate a plan of the possibilities to help you and you can pick which ones you want to pursue.

I am not there to judge what steps you took before seeing me, or to blame you for your condition.  I believe you and your experiences when you share them.

You can book in with me, take one of my online courses or visit me in the clinic in Surrey, UK.  I can help you with offering womb massage (either me massaging your or teaching you how to massage yourself), reflexology, aromatherapy (essential oils), nutrition, yoga, sleep and breath work.

I also believe in you learning to understand your symptoms and periods and highlight which interventions should help with which symptoms, so you can be your own health detective.  This empowers you to decide if something is working or not.

All my work takes a blend of these modalities to help find the optimal solution for you.

You can also take one of my online courses.


Specialty Training & Qualifications For Periods and Fertility

Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy
Sympto-Thermal Cycle Charting Teacher (Natural Family Planning Teacher’s Association)
Women’s Health Reflexology
Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology
Fix Your Period Apprenticeship
Integrative Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach (Integrative Pelvic Health Institute)
Women’s Health Coach (Integrative Women’s Health Institute)
Fertility Detoxification & Preparation (Integrative Women’s Health Institute)
Women’s Health Yoga Teacher

General Qualifications For Health & Wellbeing

Swedish Body Massage Therapy
Hot Stone Reflexology
Anti-aging Facial Massage
Indian Head Massage
Chair Massage Therapy
Reiki Master Teacher
RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher of 500 Hour Training)
Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Gravity Yoga Teacher Training
Meditation Teacher
Colour Therapist
Crystal Therapy
Insomnia Practitioner

Period Spa
Womens Health Coach Integrative Womens Health Institute
Optimal Fertility Qualification Integrative Womens Health Institute
RYT500 Yoga Alliance Teacher
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