What Can Reflexology Do For Periods & Fertility?

Reflexology is one of my favourite modalities and I know that it can seem like once someone has had a great reflexology session, it is all they can talk about, like a new crush.

Reflexology, when done well is a great therapy, can have immediate effects and sense of wellbeing, and can be done on the either the feet or hands so is less intimate and doesn’t put you in as intimate position as a massage.

For me, it is so effective, that once I learnt reflexology, and it really helped me connect with my clients at a deeper level, I stopped all massage except Womb Massage which I still love and enjoy.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology on the surface looks like a lower leg and foot massage with some weird and wonderful looking techniques.  Whilst there is evidence of potential reflexology like treatments going back to Egyptian tombs, and in other cultures, modern reflexology was developed by Eunice Ingham as an extension of zone therapy.

The theory is that the body is mapped on to the foot and by working with one part of the foot, we are bringing health and well being to the corresponding body part.

Whilst that can be a little out there in terms of theories on how something works, what I do know is that there is an abundance of nerve endings in the foot, and my doing deep work on the foot and lower leg, circulation of the lower body is increased.

I can also attest to anecdotal evidence of the sense of wellbeing and better health I have felt following a proper reflexology session and have many clients who love having reflexology done.

I have also experienced pain in certain areas of my foot that didn’t make sense at the time of the treatment I received but then found out years later I had a long term medical condition in that part of the body, which is a little spooky, when combined with a few interesting discoveries on clients.  However, I don’t use reflexology as a diagnostic tool, for me it is a great therapy on its own, without trying to add more information on top.

What Are The Different Types of Reflexology?

There are different variations on how reflexology is carried out, however, as someone experiencing it, you will notice that there are people who do a very light treatment that is similar to a massage, and practitioners who do a deeper treatment and it can be  borderline painful (tell your practitioner if it is too much pressure).

In my personal experience the deeper treatment has the more beneficial after effects, but for some people a light treatment is more appropriate at that period of time.

If you come for a session with me, you will get the deeper treatment unless it is painful or we have discussed that a lighter treatment would be more appropriate.

There is also reflexology done with different tools such as herbal compresses, hot stones, cold stones, crystals, bamboo sticks and various other tools.

I offer reflexology with hot and cold stones but nothing more exotic than that.


How Can Reflexology Help My Periods or Womb Health?

There is little to no research done on reflexology and finding studies that have any credibility is very difficult, so I would like to make it clear, that my statements below are from anecdotal experience after practicing for 6 years and theory.

Light and gentle reflexology treatments can be a great stress relief and force you to relax for an hour.  This can be great for dampening stress, which affects cortisol and blood sugar levels which can affect your hormones and therefore your periods.  

It can also help to reduce inflammation and even help with mental health and feelings of well being which can help with pain reduction during your menstrual time.  It can also help with PMS too which is great.

Deeper treatments can show visible side effects such as increased blood flow and sweating in the  lower body which is often visible during the treatment.  I have also had people say that their current period pain that they had at the start of the session has disappeared within minutes.  I am assuming that this is down to the effect on the nervous system and pain, like massaging knots helps with the nervous system causing the knots in the tissue.

Ensuring good blood flow to the feet can also help with blood through getting to the feel throughout the pelvis, and I believe it can help to ensure optimal nourishment and hormonal flow around the pelvis too.

Sometimes, when I have a client who is struggling to connect with their womb, or womb space if they have had their womb removed, and I can give a reflexology session, whilst they place their hands on their womb area and spend some time in meditation, contemplation and reconnecting with that area.

In my practice, I have seen some amazing results with clients who have period problems and fertility, and it is a treatment I love to give for that reason.  I have done specialist training for women’s health that I highly recommend if you are a reflexologist yourself.

Can I Have Reflexology Whilst Pregnant?

Reflexology should be safe during pregnancy, however, some people feel uncomfortable during pregnancy and don’t want to “risk” it.  In all honesty, if reflexology truly could cause a miscarriage, this would be used as a way of terminating unwanted pregnancies.  However, a lot of insurance companies and therapists are uncomfortable with carrying out treatments because someone who has a loss, may choose to blame the treatment in their time of grief.

I do treat pregnancy clients but will talk with them before booking them in to ensure that they understand this.  I have also accidentally treated women who have not known they were pregnancy and never had any issues so far!

Some women come to me at the end of their pregnancy to try and induce labour.  Again, if this worked, there would be a line outside every clinic.  However, it can help the mother to be to feel more comfortable for a while and give her some alone time to concentrate on herself before labour, which can be quite refreshing when everyone else is all about the baby.

Can I Have Aromatherapy With Reflexology?

Yes, I used different creams and waxes with different essential oils when working on the foot, so it is automatically part of the session anyway.

What If I Am Missing A Foot?

That’s ok, I also do hand reflexology.  We can find a way for it to work for you.

It’s A Shame I Can’t Do This Online!

Actually, you can.  I show people how to do reflexology on their own hands on Zoom.  You can book in here.

If you are intrigued and want to experience reflexology you can contact me to visit the Surrey clinic in the UK or book a session with me to teach you online.

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