What Is Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy?

Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy is a combination therapy consisting of a massage of the abdomen and pelvic areas, and full back, focussing on the sacrum, spine and bottom areas.  It also has some other beautiful mind body elements, such as meditation and visualisations, to help you bond with and understand your womb, and rebozo (a traditional Mexican woven shawl that can be used for various soft tissue manipulation and bindings).

Whilst this is my main modality, I do add in acupressure and Chinese Abdominal Massage techniques when appropriate during the session.

What Does Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy Help With?

The two biggest clients sets I get are those with period problems, and those who are hoping to conceive.  Whether the period problems are too heavy, painful or too light a periods (regardless of whether you have a diagnosis), I have seen some beautiful changes with this therapy, sometimes dramatic changes in the first session.

I also have a number of people who come to me for fertility as not only can it help to encourage blood flow and softness into this area that can help with fertility journeys, with or without IVF or other assistive reproductive technologies.

I also get some clients who come to prepare for or recover from surgeries such as LEEP, ablation or hysterectomy.

How Does Womb Massage Work?

Massage isn’t widely studied, so I can only give you the theory of why it works.

  1. Manual therapies such as massage can help someone to relax the area being massaged, so stiffness from sitting or being still or poor posture can be relieved. The belly (in particular the psoas) is an area we tense up when scared, worried or under stress.
  2. Manual therapies such as massage can help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system reacts to stimulus and threats and creates a stress response. The parasympathetic nervous system helps to bring calm and dial down the stress response so the body and repair, relax, and digest properly (and good nutrition for periods isn’t just about eating the right things, but absorbing the right things too.
  3. The pelvic area is often very still as many people do desk or driving jobs that hold us in one position all day long. This can cause postural issues and small restrictions in the tissue of the area making the tissue slightly hypoxic. Massage restores full blood flow which can increase the flow of oxygen, hormones and nutrients to the area and take away built up waste products.
  4. There are 4 ligaments on either side of the womb that hold her in position and enable her to move and contract properly. Massaging the ligaments can help with restoring their function and proper shape, can help the womb get into a more optimal position, so it can move and contract in the ways it should.
  5. It can improve lymphatic drainage and relieve congestion and bloating in the area.
  6. It can help to break down adhesions which are gluey tissue that grows around scar tissue such as post surgery or endometriosis. Adhesions prevent the womb from contracting properly which can cause it to twist when it is trying to empty itself, and this can cause cramps.
  7. It can help to relieve dragging sensations or bladder pain by working the tissue that can sometimes prolapse onto the bladder. However, if you suspect a prolapsed organ, please see your primary care physician asap.
  8. It can help to release the diaphragm and encourage proper deep slow breathing which can help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  9. It can help to get movement in the colon and get things moving, which can help with ensuring you are absorbing nutrients and not re-absorbing oestrogen, which can be a cause of oestrogen dominance.
  10. It can help with the nerve function from the spine to the genital and reproductive organs if there is an issue with the lower back. This has had a particularly noticeable effect on clients who have fallen and bashed their sacrum or tail bone, or regular horse-riders.
  11. On a biopsychosocial and spiritual level, it can help people to connect with a neglected or part of the body that has caused pain and embarrassment and enable them to feel more integrated, at home in their body and accept part of them that has caused issues over time.

Is Womb Massage Internal?

This massage therapy is not internal. I work externally only over the following areas: on the front of the body, I cover the areas from just above the pubic hair to the bottom of the ribs and sternum.  On the back I work on the whole back but focus on the lower back which includes the bottom (glutes) area and I cover the areas I work before the session so you can opt out of any area you do not want worked.

Any area I am not working on is covered up with towels so you will never be unnecessarily exposed or cold during a session.

Other practitioners of this therapy may combine it with other modalities, some of which are internal so if you find someone near you, you will need to ask them specifically.

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What If I Can’t Get To Your Clinic?

There are two options, I can teach you how to massage yourself via Zoom.  Or you can find a practitioner near to you if you want to experience another person massaging you.  That being said, I do have people travel from other countries and continents to see me, so if you are willing to travel an hour outside of London on the mainline train or a 40 minute to 1 hour drive from either London Heathrow or London Gatwick (and there is a direct train from London Gatwick), that is an option too.

How Many Sessions Should I Have?

I don’t like to prescribe a set amount of sessions.  At the end of the day, part of this therapy is helping you to connect with your body in order to recognise what is beneficial to it.  It is also worth bearing in mind that the problems you may be having with your periods or fertility are likely to have taken years if not decades to get into the place where they are an issue.  That is not likely to be undone in one session (although I have seen some dramatic results in a couple of clients).

Most people average between 6 and 10 sessions and will choose a frequency of anywhere between a week and a month.  I do offer a discount if you pre-purchase a number of sessions, but I strongly encourage you to pay attention to your body.

Can I Just Have My Tummy Rubbed?

You would be surprised how often this is asked.  If you just like having an abdominal massage, that is fine.  This is a very often neglected area of the body, and having therapeutic touch here can feel very healing and nourishing.  I do get clients who come for top ups or they just like their “monthly tummy rub” and that’s all good with me.

I’m Trying To Get Pregnant, Can My Partner Have A Massage Too?

Yes, I am happy to treat both partners in the couple and encourage it as the increase in blood flow to the abdomen from massage is likely to only help the male pelvic area health too.  However, I am specialised in womb massage therapy, so I don’t offer this to the wider public outside of client couples as there are more qualified people who can help with the difference in anatomy.

Can I Still Get A Massage If I’m Pregnant?

I offer reflexology, nutrition and yoga throughout pregnancy only.

What If I Am Also Interested In Your Other Therapies?

I rarely have a client where I just give them a massage.  Most of them choose to fill in my extensive questionnaires so I can each them how to chart and read their cycle, give relevant nutritional advice and combine reflexology, meditation, yoga or aromatherapy (essential oils) as appropriate.

If you have a particular modality you want me to focus on or avoid, that is fine, just let me know and I am happy to tweak the session to meet your needs.

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