Your period is a vital sign and a window to your health

Nothing excites me more than meeting having a client celebrate turning their period story around and feeling like each period is a win. 

Like myself, they start off as bewildered members of the blob squad, miserable about all things period related and dealing with confusing symptoms.

Then they make the journey to a period positive member of the bleedy bunch and feel freedom from their periods woes at long last.

Cheesy I know, but I love seeing this beautiful transformation. When clients who were at the end of their tether come to me with stories of hormonal harmony, consistent cycles and painless periods, it makes my heart sing and gives me so much joy.

  • Would you like to take control of your period?
  • Learn to harness the innate power and magic of the menstrual cycle to upgrade all areas of your life?
  • Would you like to live your life not ever having to worry about cancelling your plans because your period problems are gone or minimal, you know when it is due and you have the tools to deal with anything unusual?
  • Are you ready for a full kit of tools so that you never have to drop out of your plans again (unless you want to)?
  • Do you want to associate your period and reproductive organs with positivity (even if that sounds really weird right now) and trust your emotions as signs?
  • Do you want to feel empowered by your menstruation journey?
  • Do you want access to a huge, MASSIVE repertoire of tools and resources that are at your fingertips to help you with your menstrual and fertility journey?
  • Are you ready to understand the language of your body and unlock your personal period code?

If you are answering yes, and even getting excited, then welcome! This is the place for you.

Period problems are often dismissed as normal because they are so common. But they aren’t normal and you CAN do something about it.

The biggest turning point for me was realising that these symptoms were data points, parts of a riddle telling me that something was wrong and learning to read my bleed and create my own personal “user guide” for my body.  

Learning the language of my body has been life changing and now I get the great honour and privilege of helping others to do the same.

Your body is speaking to you every time you have your period. You can learn her language, interpret these signs and symptoms and solve your period problems.

Now I get to teach my beautiful clients how to chart their cycles, interpret their symptoms and see a clear set of choices, pathways and tools to help themselves transform their own menstrual cycles, with beautiful, breath taking results each time.

I guide you through the potential underlying conditions, sign post you to testing, and give you a range of options and help you with decision making questions to help you find the right solution for you.

Root Cause Period Problems Resized
Root causes of period problems

Your body is NOT broken, you just haven’t learnt to read her signs yet

What You Can Expect From Working With Me:

  • A tailored, customised suggested solution which could involve any combination of the following; womb massage, nutrition, sleep spa, reflexology, aromatherapy (essential oils), cycle charting, yoga, meditation and breath work.
  • A space in which any therapy I give, such as womb, abdominal or pelvic massage is given with full knowledge of what it covers, and consent asked for and respected throughout.
  • I will listen to your history and empathise without judgement and believe you.
  • I will offer suggestions educate and explain why I think those things can help, to empower you to make the decision that works for you.
  • I will recommend and refer you to be tested either through your medical provider or privately, if it’s necessary or I believe it would be beneficial.
  • I will support you and your choices if you want to go down a medical route, a combined approach or a more holistic approach (as long as it’s safe to do so).
  • I will refer you to your doctor if I believe there is something they need to look at first or to clear a potential red flag.  Your safety and wellbeing is my priority, and on the extremely rare occasions someone presents with something that potentially could need fast or urgent treatment, I will either refer to a doctor or more urgent medical care. Fortunately, with my background in the emergency field, I am experienced in spotting these.
  • I will give you tools and resources to understand the potential roadmap, the tools and options available and how to use them.
  • I will help you get back on the wagon if you fall off with no judgement, or her you find a middle road with no need for wagons at all.
  • I believe that your inner voice knows the right thing for you, sometimes it takes a while to hone that instinct, sometimes called intuition or a gut feeling.

What I Won’t Do:

  • Tell you that something is your fault, either from previous lifestyle choices spiritual perspectives.
  • Bash other practitioners, doctors, big Pharma or anyone else. If you have an experience that you need to tell me about where someone mistreated you, please do, so that I can understand and not make a similar mistake, or you feel it is important to your healing journey to get it off your chest, that’s ok.  I will believe you. However, I want to focus your session on you, not others, and if necessary, we can look into finding a therapist to help you come to terms with what happened, as that is outside my skillset.
  • Give you cookie cutter solution to match someone else’s great method, book or something you found on the internet.
  • Toxic positivity based statements eg “well, other people have it worse, it can’t be as bad as…..”
  • Push my views on to you.
  • Tell you off if you didn’t “comply” with an at home treatment plan we agreed on.  If you want ideas on how to embed something and are struggling, we can look at that, but I am not going to treat you like a teenager who left their textbooks at school and couldn’t do their homework.
  • Give you a one sided answer with no explanation.  Most topics are nuanced and depend on the circumstances, so I will offer an “on one side this approach is valid because of x, but the other approach is valid because of y” or work through the logic of what something is supposed to do and how the body is supposed to work and how the two may work together or not. I try to back up with sources either in my education or published research, which you may interpret differently.
  • A magical pill, solution or cure (I’m sorry it doesn’t exist, although I kind of wish there was a fairy wand solution).

Please note: I used to be known at the website The Healthy Womb, that is still me, but you will be directed here from that site.

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Rachel Dutton

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I’m Rachel, also known as the Period Whisperer™ amongst my friends, colleagues and clients for the work I do on understanding women’s periods, cycles and what that means in terms of women’s health.

I know what it is like when you have a problem, whether it is fertility or period pain, irregular cycles or you just want to know more and try and understand what is going on.  As an introduction to why your menstrual cycle is so important, you can sign up to my free guide to charting your cycle and inner season.

This guide will help you understand the basics of your menstrual cycle, your peaks and troughs and it will enable you to start understanding your own cycle, even if you don’t bleed at the moment.

Work With Me

I have a physical clinic in Guildford and an online clinic using Zoom. I do offer a range of therapies and coaching which I appreciate can be overwhelming, but I will advise you depending on your consultation form what format sessions I think would be best suited to you and guide you in the right direction.  You can read about the therapies I offer here. To find out more, e-mail me or book here.

I also offer a range of webinars on women’s health, group coaching programmes, cycle charting and many other things, so sign up to my e-mail list below to be kept in the loop about when they are.

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I have a Facebook group for women to talk about all sorts of women’s health issues, in confidence with no spamming, no need to feel embarrassed with a supportive community of ladies.  If you want to join, click here.

If you are a women’s health practitioner, or you are a qualified practitioner looking to get into women’s health and want to find out more about my training and mentoring, then join this group.  As it is for practitioners only, I will message you to find out what modality you practice, so if you don’t get approved, within a few days, check out out your “other” folder in facebook messages.

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If you want to know more about my own healing experience, how I went from painful periods and infertility to a pain-free period and restored ovulation, my experience and specialist qualifications, hop over to this page.  You can also ask me questions in the Facebook group.

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