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Is your period ruining your life? Have you had to cancel plans or just been miserable due to your period symptoms such as pain, cramps, flooding or PMS?

Maybe, you really want to know more about your periods and your health?

For whatever reasons, you chose to visit today, WELCOME!

Period problems, whether PMS, pain, weird cycles, fertility issues or even diagnosed conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis are not just literally a pain, they can interfere with your life.  It is very frustrating that people dismiss these issues, we can fight to be taken seriously and even if we are, for some people the endless cycle of trying a new treatment and having it not work, can be exhausting and draining.

After going through my own very prolonged journey to sort out my own periods; constant agonising pain, awful acne and bleeding all the bloody time, I realised that all the signs and symptoms I was getting, were clues as to what was going on with my body.

Period problems are often dismissed as normal because they are so common. But they aren’t normal and you CAN do something about it.

Everything about your period, from the length, colour, texture and even your emotions are all telling you something about your menstrual health? After studying thousands of menstrual cycle charts, I have learnt that the body has its own language and you can learn to decode that language and work with your body to get your cycle to work with you.

Learning to understand and interpret what my body is saying to me has been so empowering and I hope you find that too.  I no longer feel like I am fighting with my body, but working with it and each time I get a sign or symptom, she’s got my back.  She is telling me that there is something wrong and I need to listen!

What if I were to tell you that everything about your period, from the colour, the texture, the length of your cycle, the various signs and symptoms such as cramping, PMS, pain and bloating are not signs that your body is broken.  

Instead, they are signs that your body needs a bit of support to get herself back to optimal health and you can learn to understand what your body is doing, why and what she is saying to you!

Isn’t that incredible?

Once you have solved that part of the puzzle, you can experiment to see which solution helps your period problems.

All your period problems are likely to be caused by one or more of the following root causes; biopsychosocial (no, no-one is psycho, but this is the proper term for emotional, spiritual and mental underlying issues), inflammation, pelvic structure and tissue health, and finally, hormonal issues.

What Is A Root Cause?

Often when we talk of diseases we talk about symptoms and how to fix those, but the underlying cause of a disease may be inflammation or a hormonal imbalance. Unless we fix these at the source, the problem will never go away, you will just be suppressing symptoms (which is fine if you are happy with that).

A great analogy is if your boat has holes and is sinking, you can either bale the water out (treat the symptoms) or fix the holes (fix the root cause).

If you are keen to find out the biggest root cause issues with your periods, take the period quiz.

Root Cause Period Problems Resized
Root causes of period problems

Your body is speaking to you every time you have your period. You can learn her language, interpret these signs and symptoms and solve your period problems.

What Are The Solutions To Period Problems?

There are a number of ways in which you can help your periods depending on what the root cause is. Outside of the standard medical treatments, there are a number of options that are available to you to help with period problems.

And most of them are common sense and not surprising at all.

When I work with clients, there are a number of things we can do to help with periods;

  • Sleep quality and quantity.
  • Meditation, breath work, yoga.
  • Womb and abdominal massage (either performed by myself in my clinic or I can teach you how to do this on yourself online).
  • Reflexology (in person or online).
  • Nutrition (food and supplements).
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils).

And the most critical part is showing you how to chart your cycle, at the level you are comfortable with, so that you can become your own health detective and see what helps you personally.

There is nothing more empowering than taking back control of your health and periods, so that you can live the life that you want.

Please note: I used to be known at the website The Healthy Womb, that is still me, but you will be directed here from that site.

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