stress and your period

How Stress Affects Your Cycle

One of my womb massage clients asked me “my period has been fine for years but it’s just gotten out of whack recently, my friend says it could be stress.  Is this true and how does it affect my period?” This is a fantastic question and highlights the issue of …

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period pain

Is Period Pain Normal?

Have you every wondered: “how much period pain is normal?”  If so, you are not alone.  It is one of the common questions I am asked by womb massage and nutrition clients.  If you (like me) have ever been doubled up with a hot water bottle having taken more painkillers …

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resolutions periods

How To Make New Years Resolutions That Stick

If I said to you, “I tried running a marathon yesterday and I couldn’t do it”, you may have several legitimate reactions including laughter, (if you have met me, you would know there is no way I would survive such a feat of endurance). However, once you got past the …

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