Menstrual Cycle Awareness

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Is Every Cycle Ovulatory?

A popular question my clients ask me regularly, is “do I ovulate every month”?  This is a great question as our hormones, periods and even our overall health relies on us ovulating.  From the full hormonal cycle, to breast health, bone health and heart health, it is important that we …

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Meet Your Menstrual Cycle

I don’t know about you but I think it is a shame that we don’t learn about our menstrual cycle at school in the depth we should.  Most people can’t even name the distinct phases.  I remember my first women’s health specific training (Fertility and Womb Massage Massage Therapy a …

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What Is A “Real” Period?

When you become open enough to start talking about your bleeds, the terminology can get confusing and different people mean different things when they say “their bleed” or “their moon”. If you’re bleeding at irregular intervals, mid cycle or during ovulation, you may be confused and wondering which one is …

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