What Is That Dark, Icky, Sludgy Stuff In My Period?

One question that I sometimes get asked, usually in whispered tones is “so……at the beginning of my bleed, I sometimes get this dark, thick, icky, sludgy stuff. Is that normal?”

I know, it’s gross, and not something you can openly go asking people about which is why I am answering that here.

There are several variants on this question which can include getting this dark sludge at the beginning, the end or at both ends of the period.

Luckily, I learnt about this in my Fertility & Womb Massage Therapy training back in 2014. When you get this at particular times during your period, it can be caused by womb position. I explain how and what you can do about it in the video below on my Womb Tube channel on Youtube.

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