Let’s Get Checked – At Home Hormone & Health Tests

One of the most important things you can do to help your periods and your health, is to get accurate testing done. Ideally, we would be able to get this done through our doctors, however, this isn’t always possible. I have started using and recommend Let’s Get Checked, an easy to use at home testing company that offer a variety of tests including; female hormone and fertility, (there is a male section too), thyroid testing (which is super hard to get in some countries), cortisol testing for the stress hormone and even Coronavirus testing.

The tests are easy to administer using easy methods such as blood spot or urine collection, you send it back in the box and get your result and there is even an app. It’s super easy and convenient.

Even better, you can get a 20% discount using the code PERIOD20 at checkout.

Here are some key tests I recommend for people having period problems or fertility issues below:

To see their full suite of tests, you can explore their site here.

Please note that if you want a diagnosis or medication, you will need to go to your doctor, but these tests can help to pinpoint what you need to ask them for. And, if you are looking at getting your menstrual cycle back to something regular and symptom free, using lifestyle changes such as nutrition, womb massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, yoga or sleep changes, you can use these to pin point the areas you need to work on.

Note: some of the links in the resources section are affiliate links. This means that whilst the price doesn’t change for you, I may receive a small referral fee. These help to support this website and a small business. Thank you for your support.

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