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Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gung) has been a great help for me with improving my energy levels when I have gone through bouts of chronic fatigue and pain. Honestly, it feels like a secret weapon to get me going as I can drag myself out of bed, feeling like I am not able to do anything, only to do a short simple easy practice, sometimes even just the warm up, and the next thing I know, I have a tonne of energy.

It has also helped with my balance (I have hearing and ear issues so this is a big deal for me) and overall wellbeing. If you have no idea what it is, you have probably seen it in one of its many thousand forms. Tai Chi is a form of Qi Gong.

It is a beautiful slow exercise form that is accessible for many and can be done in a relatively small space to start with. You can start with free videos on Youtube, like with any home exercise, however, I really enjoy the White Tiger courses as they explain how to tell you are doing something properly, which is super important to avoid injury.

Everything is broken down so you can learn the steps of each movement, the meditations and then work through the full movement. There are also adjustments offered to beginners so that you can learn the move safely and move deeper into the movement when you have gained flexibility and stability. There are even have PDFs for everything that you can download.

For the 5 Element, 8 Organ Trigram and 5 Animal Courses, there is a lot of back ground Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), videos that compliment and explain the elements, the meridians and the fundamentals of TCM, which can feel elusive, but works for many people.

Courses Targeting Common Pain Areas

Courses Targeting Common Emotions

Core Courses

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