How To Make New Years Resolutions That Stick

If I said to you, “I tried running a marathon yesterday and I couldn’t do it”, you may have several legitimate reactions including laughter, (if you have met me, you would know there is no way I would survive such a feat of endurance).

However, once you got past the general disbelief, you would probably ask me reasonable questions, such as what preparation did I do?  Did I work myself up to it by starting to run a mile, then work up to running two.  Did I find a route I liked?  What about nutrition?  What was I doing to support my body?  And maybe even, why did I expect to be able to do it right away.

These are all reasonable questions and most sensible athletes have some kind of training plan, not necessarily down on paper but in their heads or else it is so ingrained that they know their routine inside out.

“What Does This Have To Do With My Menstrual Health or Fertility?”, I Hear You Ask

Well quite a lot actually.  I remember going to an acupunturist for my migraines.  At first, I didn’t feel much different and my migraines came back as they usually do and I thought it was a waste of money, time for something that made no difference and that the Chinese Medicine Doctor just wanted to make lots of money by selling batch treatments.  But I did some research and found out that it is normal for it to take 10 sessions to have an effect. 

So I persevered and went back.  Gradually over a period of weeks, my symptoms gradually improved to manageable levels.  But if I hadn’t have gone back, I wouldn’t have known that.

This translates into my practice, many clients seem to think that they should be able to do a fertility massage/acupunture session or any other body work session and expect an instant result.  And whilst, on rare occasions this does happen, most of the time it is the cumulative effect of several treatments, (even if you do a series of self treatments) that you start noticing the differences.

If dietary changes are recommended, making the changes for one day isn’t going to have an instant effect, but after 6-8 weeks you may notice a difference. 

I have never known anyone to join a slimming club diet and expect to lose a stone within a week.  They expect to lose between 2 and 4 pounds a week.

The only way any new health and wellness practice works, whattever it is, is by being consistent and even if you build it up, doing one small change at a time, you will find this being so much more beneficial than trying it once and finding it doesn’t work.

I would love to hear your health and wellness resolutions or goals for the year, and how you intend to keep them.

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