Emotional Healing With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

When I originally wrote this post, it was with the aim of helping women who have emotions at the root cause of their period, or even lack of period problems and whilst that is still the case, I feel that I also have to acknowledge and reflect that there are a number of events over the recent months that have left the world stunned.  So many people  are in a state of shock and needing to heal as well as those who are dealing with their own health issues.

One of my favourite techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT and Tapping can be incredibly effective for dealing with emotions that we can’t work through on our own, especially when they are affecting our ability to go through our life.

I originally learnt EFT to deal with my own health problems and have since done a an entry level practitioner training in it and often use it with my clients.  However, I thought I would mix things up and invite my fellow Womb centred therapist and EFT specialist Leora Leboff of Aura Holistic Therapies to talk us through using tapping to help with emotions.

In this video, we will go through the finer points of what EFT is and show you how to do a self assessment and come up with your own script.  We went through an example using my past experience with period pain, but you can vary your script to match whatever your current issues are: heavy periods, painful periods, absent periods or even other factors that are causing emotional pain.

I love this technique as it is so simple and accessible to learn.  And more importantly, it can be done anywhere, you just need yourself and that is it.  However, I should note there is so much more to EFT than purely tapping and Leora is an advanced practitioner in this amazing modality.

If you want to download the tapping sheet I send out to my clients, then click here, fill in your details and it will be sent to you (check your inboxes for junk or spam and you may need to enable messages from my e-mail address Rachel@periodwhisperer.com first).

I’d love to hear how EFT works for you, feel free to share your experiences in The Period Whisperer Facebook Group.

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