Sleep For Your Cycle

This is the one thing that I get so many eye rolls about.  I mean, your grand mother told you about the importance of sleep and you probably yawned as it seems like such a boring piece of advice.  But it is one of the things that most of my …

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luxury bath period

How to Look Forward To Your Period

Yes, you read it right.  No, I haven’t lost my mind I promise.  One thing many women ask me is why do I love my period and look forward to getting it so much.  It never used to be the case as I had really painful periods, but now I …

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Help! I Cleaned Up My Diet & Now I Feel Worse

I have had a few people writing me recently being quite annoyed.  They have done some research, and understand that food is so important to their body.  They have taken the huge step of overhauling their daily routine which is tough and taken time to learn about new routines and …

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period underwear

Great Alternative Menstrual Products

I am quite well known for talking about how standard disposable sanitary products can affect your fertility, your lives of period pain and even cause serious illnesses such as Toxic Shock Syndrome.  But I keep being asked about the alternatives that are out there. I have a number of clients who found …

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Castor Oil Packs for Period Pain

How To Help Your Periods With Castor Oil Packs

When I was younger and experimenting with complementary and alternative healing methods, I hated castor oil taken orally as a remedy, but it is now a valuable tool in my toolkit for my clients who are suffering from period pain, cramping, clots and dark sludgy stuff in their bleeds and …

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A New Habit For Managing Stress & Progesterone

Cringe post alert! Full Disclaimer: when I first heard about this, (actually, let’s be honest, nearly every time I have heard about this), I cringe from head to toe and think it sounds sickly sweet, influencer in the wellness industry speak. Then I tried some of the below tips and, …

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hormone yoga

Can You Hack Your Hormones For Better Periods?

One question I get asked constantly by clients and that I see a lot on social media are people asking for short cuts to better health.  If you aren’t sure what I am talking about here are some example questions: What supplements can I used to cure my PCOS? What …

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relaxing period

Why I Love Being On My Period

Yes, you read it right, I love having my period!  I really do.  Trust me this wasn’t always the case, I had around 20 years of severe pain and heavy bleeding, periods that lasted forever.  I struggled changing my two superheavy flow tampons and sleep pads every half an hour …

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Is Your Lifestyle Causing You Period Pain?

According to Rosita Arvigo 90% of non pregnant women will have a misplaced or tipped uterus some point in their life.  By that I mean that their uterus isn’t in perfect anatomical position as you see in diagrams.   This isn’t really a problem unless she isn’t moving around easily and …

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