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How Does Inflammation Affect Periods?

Inflammation is one of the root causes of period and abdominal pain. It can be fully responsible for pain and cramping or it can exacerbate issues that already exist.  Inflammation can be responsible for causing some period symptoms such as cramps, migraines, sickness and nausea.   There are several lifestyle causes …

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What Is Oestrogen Dominance?

Oestrogen dominance is a common hormonal disturbance of too much oestrogen compared to progesterone in the later part of your cycle, leading you to feel moody, bloated, PMSy and have heavier periods. It can also be a cause of fibroids, cervical dysplasia, and contribute to endometriosis. It can be caused …

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How to Look Forward To Your Period

Yes, you read it right.  No, I haven’t lost my mind I promise.  One thing many women ask me is why do I love my period and look forward to getting it so much.  It never used to be the case as I had really painful periods, but now I …

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Better Poop For Better Periods

OK, I know we don’t like talking about poop, but it is so important that we know about it and it does actually affect our hormones in a massive way (as does all gut health).  When I am massaging women’s abdomens, I can feel when she is constipated and when I …

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Great Alternative Menstrual Products

I am quite well known for talking about how standard disposable sanitary products can affect your fertility, your lives of period pain and even cause serious illnesses such as Toxic Shock Syndrome.  But I keep being asked about the alternatives that are out there. I have a number of clients who found …

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Where Did My Period Go?

Have you every realised that your period was late and then your mind has gone into overdrive trying to figure out why? If you know you can’t be pregnant, often your mind will jump to potentially scary diagnoses which Dr Google will substantiate or make worse. I have had a …

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Castor Oil Packs for Period Pain

How To Help Your Periods With Castor Oil Packs

When I was younger and experimenting with complementary and alternative healing methods, I hated castor oil taken orally as a remedy, but it is now a valuable tool in my toolkit for my clients who are suffering from period pain, cramping, clots and dark sludgy stuff in their bleeds and …

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What You Can Do About Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a very painful condition which is very often ignored and many women find that they will have to go to their doctors for years before they get any form or investigation or diagnosis.  Even then, their pain is often dismissed and they are told to either, just take …

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