Menstrual Cycle Awareness

spotting and periods

Should You Worry About Spotting?

Ever thought your period was well, switched to your pretty undies only to get random spotting at an odd point in your cycle?  You are not alone, many women have spotting, but the key is to know whether you should be worried or not. Spotting can be benign, and even …

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How To Tell If Your Period Is Healthy

I often write about what a period should look like, but some people ask me, what are the warning signs that something isn’t right about your period (I don’t like categorising these into good and bad periods).  I thought this was a brilliant question so here are some signs that …

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Map Menopause

A Map Through The Menopause

The journey through pre-menopause, peri-menopause and menopause itself can be incredibly disorientating.  Everything turns on its head, you no longer relate to the world as you know it and women often ask me if what they are going through is normal. However, menopause isn’t just something that happens to us, …

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