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Is Every Cycle Ovulatory?

A popular question my clients ask me regularly, is “do I ovulate every month”?  This is a great question as our hormones, periods and even our overall health relies on us ovulating.  From the full hormonal cycle, to breast health, bone health and heart health, it is important that we …

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turkey meal hormones

Keeping Your Hormones Happy Over The Holidays

Autumn through to Winter is a rough time for our hormones, periods, stress levels and fertility in general. Depending on what countries you live in, you may have any or all of the following to celebrate, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanks Giving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years Eve and Day.  There are …

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hormone yoga

Can You Hack Your Hormones For Better Periods?

One question I get asked constantly by clients and that I see a lot on social media are people asking for short cuts to better health.  If you aren’t sure what I am talking about here are some example questions: What supplements can I used to cure my PCOS? What …

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period foods

5 “Healthy Foods” That Cause Hormonal Havoc

As someone who suffered years of hormonal disruption and yet who followed all the current government issued healthy eating advice who finally fixed my PCOS naturally, I know how it feels to be eating all the right things and not see any improvement in my symptoms. I still had weight …

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Finding Peace With PCOS; My Personal Journey

I have had a number of women contacting me recently with heartbreaking stories about their Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as PCOS or other female health disorders.  And as such I felt compelled to share my own story with you all. There is a very good chance you are reading …

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stress and your period

How Stress Affects Your Cycle

One of my womb massage clients asked me “my period has been fine for years but it’s just gotten out of whack recently, my friend says it could be stress.  Is this true and how does it affect my period?” This is a fantastic question and highlights the issue of …

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period pain

Is Period Pain Normal?

Have you every wondered: “how much period pain is normal?”  If so, you are not alone.  It is one of the common questions I am asked by womb massage and nutrition clients.  If you (like me) have ever been doubled up with a hot water bottle having taken more painkillers …

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