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Essential Oils for PMS

Essential Oils For PMS

I often tell people that PMS is a sign that something is wrong.  It may be common but it is not normal.  I wrote a post on PMS a few years ago from the point of view of nutritional help, but essential oils have been a wonderful resource in my …

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brownie blood sugar

Balancing Blood Sugar For Hormonal Harmony

Do you ever get tired shortly after eating?  Maybe you need elevenses (mid morning snack for the non British reader) or a pre tea time 3.30pm pick me up to get through the day? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with PCOS, Insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or even type 2 diabetes (or …

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vitamin D and periods

Vitamin D & Your Period

Do you have period problems or thyroid issues?  Maybe your have PMS or fibroids?  You may have gotten your  Vitamin D tested as part of the lab tests I recommend people get as part of their full hormone panel and for good reason; it affects both our pituitary development and can have …

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Essential Oils For The Summer

I don’t know about your but I love essential oils and as someone who has been practising aromatherapy for nearly 20 years, I love to take an essential oil first aid kit with me wherever I go.  However, if like me you are choosing between oils and your holiday first …

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sunset happy

How To Re-Start Your Period

Your period has been AWOL for a while and you really just feel that you want a period but it isn’t coming.  You know you don’t have an underlying reason for this such as pregnancy, post partum, menopause, the pill, medications or illness.  So what is a girl to do? …

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woman thyroid

Is Your Thyroid The Reason For Your Period Problems?

Painful or heavy periods is the bane of most of my clients, and many of them are quite period literate: they have managed their stress, they are off the pill, they are eating healthy foods, lowering their inflammation and working on their oestrogen dominance, and yet they are still having …

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low libido

What You Can Do About A Low Libido

Valentine’s Day is here and who’d have thought I’d spent my birthday telling women how to fall in love with their bodies and get their sexy back again? But on a serious note, this is a HUGE issue I see all the time and it is in women who are …

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