vitamin D and periods

Vitamin D & Your Period

Do you have period problems or thyroid issues?  Maybe your have PMS or fibroids?  You may have gotten your  Vitamin D tested as part of the lab tests I recommend people get as part of their full hormone panel and for good reason; it affects both our pituitary development and can have …

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Fertility Timing

Are You Trying to Conceive At The Right Time?

One of the things many fertility clients come to me with is “why am I not getting pregnant when I am trying around/after I have ovulated?”.  They are so upset and frustrated and feel that their body has let them down.  Assuming these women have no underlying conditions or hormonal …

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low libido

What You Can Do About A Low Libido

Valentine’s Day is here and who’d have thought I’d spent my birthday telling women how to fall in love with their bodies and get their sexy back again? But on a serious note, this is a HUGE issue I see all the time and it is in women who are …

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